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For centuries Lanora Tel’alanor disagreed with her Matron Mother in the direction they should take their House. For too many years House Tel’alanor has been on the lower rungs of society. There are many in the House that no longer want to settle for mediocrity, they want the status and perks that come with being one of influential houses in the city. Given there is no hope in sight for a move to increase status, Lanora has decided to gather those loyal to her and head to the surface. Her scouts have spent years looking for the optimal place to start anew on the surface. A place where there would be minimal resistance to start, but a place where causing chaos in the name of the Spider Queen will gain her favor. Lolth thrives on chaos and rewards those that embrace and propagate it. On the surface Lanora will start a new Drow settlement under the guise of a House exiled and wanting to start anew, escaping their evil heritage. It will be a wonderful game to play with the surface dwellers. While the city sleeps, the faithful to Priestess Lanora leave and head to the surface, to their new playground where they make the decisions and are only limited by their own ambitions.

The journey to the surface was not without consequence. The group left with over 30 members. Now that they have reached the surface there is but 23. Three of those are faithful little Duergar that were persuaded to come along due to their skill in all things construction and blacksmithing. Skills that will come in handy on the surface world. Won’t the elves and dwarves go crazy when they hear that the town of Fastormel is being rebuilt by Drow and Duergar! Earning their trust will be the hardest, while the humans will prove much more gullible and easier to convince. This will be no easy undertaking, but one that could be very profitable and most of all….fun! Nentir Vale is about to get a lot more interesting…..for everyone!

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